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General information

Full name: Selina Kyle / Holly Robinson ( takes over as the new catwoman )

Date of birth: She first appeared in batman in the spring of 1940.

Inventor: Her inventors are William bill finger who also was helping bob kane in the making og batman and he was also the guy who made robin, green lantern, the joker and Catwoman and bob kane. Bob kane was also the creator of Batman

Skills/abilities: catwoman is a good athlete. And is also good to aerobics. And she also knows martial arts. And also knows boxing and street fighting. She is very fast and walks like a cat. She is the best burglar in all of gothingham.

Type of Hero: a fictional hero, and also a villain.

Aim: ..


She was made in the spring of 1940 by Bob Kane and William ‘’ bill ‘’ Finger. Her name is Selina Kyle. The first comic book she appeared was the first comic book about batman, so she was in it from the beginning. But when the introduced her it wasn’t as catwomen but as simply the cat. She was not a hero but the straight opposite. She was the burglar, but she didn’t do small thefts she only did the big ones. She started lying about how she became a villain but in a later comic book she reveals that she use to have an abusive husband who she after a while divorces but he keeps her jewellery. Then she breaks into his apartment and steals it back and then she start likeing this kind of job. She liked the job so much she even got made a custom cat suit. So she is a kind of a anti-hero. She was kind of batmans ‘’ fling’’ and she is sometimes mentioned as his one and only true love. And Catwomen is also number 51 on Wizard magazine's "100 Greatest Villains of All Time" list. At a point in her life she finds out that she don’t wants to do crime more and then she helps batman in in Batman #65 and #69 . but then i book number 203 she decides to go back to her former life of crime. She had a break in the comic books for many years which happened in 1966. when she came back she had married Bruce Wayne. And after a while she gave birth the one kid. Helena Wayne. Who also becomes a villain called the huntress. She was black mailed to return as catwoman but she denies and gets killed. Then she came back in 1986. but this time she was a prostitute who loved cats very much. And then she sees batman in action and then want to become a burglar and then gets a costume made cat suit and starts robbing. She is roommate with a young runaway prostitute she took in and started helping. Her name is Holly Robinson. Then she gets a daughter named Helena but the father is unknown. And then she stops being catwoman. But holly robinson takes over as catwoman. While selina lives under the alias Irena Dubrovn. But a couple off days after she had born Helena she try’s the catsuit and goes out to do a robbery but she sees that she have gained some pounds. And then somebody captures the two catwomen in the city. And when she comes home her baby is gone. Taken by Angle man and film freak. But she rescues her. She is also in some non fictional movies.

Becoming a hero

She startede out being an anti-hero . but we think she starts being a hero when she starts working with and for batman. But she steals some times