Fictional vs. non-fictional hero

When you talk about heroes in the non-fictional world, Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the names that comes to mind. He is important because he fought with his “powers” against a major problem in his society (the racial segregation in the U.S.) Unlike Superman, who saves people, by using his real superpowers, and therefore he is a hero.

Another difference is that Superman fights in a violent way against his enemies, while Martin Luther King Jr. fights in a pacifistic way to send out his message to the world.

There are also physical differences between them: Martin Luther King Jr. is dead, and Superman is "alive". Also the skin color: Martin Luther King Jr. is black, and Superman is white.

There is also resemblance between the two of them: they both think of other people when they act. Superman for example does not abuse his abilities to gain power. And Martin Luther King Jr. did everything he did, so that other people could improve their situation. They were both really into what they did, and held on to their opinions, even if they got troubled. Another similarity is that the both are really intelligent, and are using it to become a hero.
All their problems they have experienced through time had a happy ending. Superman saved the world every time, and Martin Luther King Jr. won his case.

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