Son of the God Zeus and the human Alcmene, Queen of Theben. His gift was a fabulous strenght, and he is considered to be the hero of heroes. But his stepmother Hera, who is married to Zeus, does everything she can to kill him, starting when he is a little baby and she is sending two snakes to kill him. - but he kills them!!
Later she drives him so mad, that he kills his own wife and children - as a compensation, he is told to go through the 12 labors:

We found these characteristics for him by reading the twelve labors:

Physically strong:
He holds Earth on his shoulders; Labour no. 11
Clever/smart /sly/wise:
He tricks Atlas into taking the Earth back; Labour no. 11
Good with all kinds of weapon, The Hydra; Labour; no.2, Shooting one arrow through all the heads of …; Labour no. 10, Combining to physical strength and cleverness to clean the stables; Labour …
Very confidant:
Running around screaming to scare off the boar; Labour no. … (Same labour)
Very focused:
Shows in all of the labours.
Fights with Cerberus without his weapons; Labour no. 12, Scares off an entire flock of centaurs all by himself; Labour no. ….
When he’s convincing Pholus into opening the wine even though it were given to the centaurs; Labour no …,
Well-trimmed body, harmonic face, well proportioned, the ideal young body.

All of the things above, combined, turn him into this great and magnificent heroic person.