The Seeker of Truth

Name: Lara Croft

Nationality: British

Birth: February 14th 1968 in England

Inventor: Lara Croft started as a game in1996 created by Toby Gard there is now 6 and the newest is from 2007. Later on it became a movie made in 2001 by Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. We have a great picture of the development of Lara in the game Now_and_Then.

Powers/abilities: Very quick and athletic, super accurate shot with almost all guns

Movie: This is our selfmade movie which describes her abilities and the reason of why she is a hero.
!WARNING! this video contain errors with the audio and we apologies for this.


Lara is daughter of Richard Croft and Amelia Croft and she was raised to be an aristocrat since her birth. When she turned 3 years old, Lara began her learning with a private tutor. Lara attended Wimbledon high school for girls at the age of 11. When she turned 16 years old, her parents decided she should broaden her education by studying in Gordonstoun Boarding School, which was one of Britain’s most prominent boarding schools, where she stayed for 2. One day Lara came across a copy of National Geographic on the hall table. The front cover was a famous person named “Werner Von Croy”. He was a respected archaeologist; he had once a speech at Lara’s school. Von Croy talk had an effect on Lara, which triggered her to travel to an unknown place in search for adventure. In some way Von Croy had become Lara’s idol. As Lara study further, she found out that Von Croy was preparing an archaeological tour across Asia. She packed her bag without informing her parents clear enough, what she is going to do. When her father found out, that she wanted to travel with Von Croy, he hardly disagreed. Lara’s father wrote a letter and introduced himself to Von Croy. Von Croy reply assured Lara’s father that the territories were friendly and that he had lot of experience to look after his own and Lara’s well-being. Lara was done with the Swiss Finishing School about 21 years old. One day when she was on her way home after a skiing holiday, he plane crashed deep into the center of Himalayan Mountains. Apparently, she didn’t die there, as most of all would. In this situation she learned how to depend on her wisdom to stay alive away from her home. After two weeks she walked into the village of Tokakeriby, her experiences had had a big effect on her, since that she changed to another personality to a shallow and naive. She found out that there is more things, she want to do in her life, but it was only possible, when she was travelling alone. She travelled alone in 8 years and she gained an intimate knowledge of ancient civilizations across the Earth. Her changes make her family to disown her soon, because they think she is lost and they also wanted she should marry The Earl of Farrington.

Becoming a hero

She became a hero by discover several ancient sites of archaeologist interest and for having slain a real Bigfoot in North America, so she did something people haven’t done yet and published travel books and diaries of her discoveries. Also because she does the right things.

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