The man on the wall

Full name: Peter Parker
Heroname: Spiderman
Inventor: Stan Lee and Steve Ditkoamazing-fantasy-15.jpg
First appearance: Spiderman first appear was in the comicbook "AMAZING FANTASY" #15 in August 1962 which took place in New York City. U.S.A. To watch the original themesong of Spiderman; click here:

: Freelance photographer, student and adventurer
Identity: Secret
Legal status: American citizen with no criminal record.
Former aliases: None
Family status: Married to Mary Jane Watson, one child who got kidnapped from the hospital by the Green Goblin.
Known relatives: Richard Parker(father, deceasded), Mary Parker (mother, deceased), Benjamin Parker "Ben Parker" ( uncle, deceased); May Parker (aunt), Mary Jane Watson-Parker (wife)
Characteristics: blue and red suit with a mask covering his head, spiderskills, net, coming out od his hand, that he invented himself.
Height: 5 ft, 10in.
Weight: 165 Ibs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

Peter Parker was orphaned when he was 6 years old, because his parents got killed in an airplane crash. He grew up with his aunt and uncle, May and Ben Parker in Forest Hills, New York. In the comicbooks, he starts of going to high school, but soon after, he enrolled in Empire State University and studies fysics and molecular biologi. He is very smart and intelligent, but is considered a nerd, and he has some trouble with his social life.

From geek to star

One afternoon he attends a public exhibition, where professeurs demonstrate how to handle nuclear waste materials. At the exhibition there is a showcase of how a particle accelerator works. Unfortunately a random spider gets in the way of the beam, and gets irradiated. At the same time Peter is taking pictures of Mary Jane for the newspaper, but he is not aware about the tiny spider sitting on his hand. The little irradiaded spider bites Peter, but he just brushes it away and forget about it. On his way home, he gets attacked by a gang. Of course he tries to push the gangmembers aside, to get pass. He is surprised to discover that he suddenly has great fysical power. He ran away and tries to cross a very busy road. Unfortunately he ran out in front of a speeding car and leaped 10 meters up into the air and attached him self to a wall. Even more surprised, he discovered his ability to stick to the wall with his fingertips. He had gained great fysical strength, the ability to attach him self to any wall, and an outstanding sense of balance. Actually all the skills of a spider. Parker quikly made the link to the spiderbite and went home to get some sleep. When he woke up the next morning, his muscles had grown a great deal, and he was able to see without his glasses.

The next night he watched tv and saw a wrestling challenge, with a great prize offered, if he won. He accepted the challenge and won. A tv-agent spotted him and offered him a job as a stunt performer. He was soon known all over as the Spiderman. One night Spiderman was on the way to his show. A thief ran by, being chased by a guard. The guard stops and asks Spiderman for help, but he refuses and let the thief get away. A week later, Peter's uncle Ben gets killed by an intruder. The police confirms that it was the same thief Spiderman didn't stop a week before. This is a turning point for Peter Parker and he decides to become Spiderman - a hero. He wants to be able to help other people to prevent similar things to happen to other people. He realizes that with great power comes great rosponsability. Not long after he invented his own personal net so he could swing around the buildings of New York.

Early retirement?

Throughout the entire series Spiderman struggles with doubt about whether he should quit being Spiderman. He wants to take better care of Mary Jane and be able to protect her, all the time. Another reason is because he gets alot of bad publicity, saying that New York would be better of without him. We think that it reflects the way many people understand spiders. That respiderman3.jpgally, they don't want them.

Spiderman became very popular, mostly because the cartoons involved the personal aspect too, and Spiderman differs from the traditional perception of a hero. Today three very succesful movies has been launced, and the Spiderman univers has thousands of fans throughout the world. To hear Mary Jane confess her love to Spiderman, to get a sense of the person Peter Parker and to hear other clips from the movies, click the link below:

orphaned: forældreløs
nuclear: radioaktiv
particle accellerator: partikelaccellerator
beam: stråle
irradiated: bestrålet


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