The Capturing of The Ceryneian Hind

A task that seemed almost impossible

The Ceryneian Hind

Hercules capturing The Ceryneian Hind
The Ceryneian Hind were a large and beautiful deer, witch was sacred to Artemis and it is said, that the deer was a gift from the nymph Taygete.
This hind was a breathtaking creature with antlers of gold, hooves of bronze and with the speed so high, that it could outrun an arrow in flight.

The Story

When Hercules awoke from his sleep, he saw the hind from the glint on its antlers. Hercules chased the hind on foot for a full year through Greece, Thrace, Istria and the lands of Hyperborean. After chasing the hind for a full year, he finally captured it on Mount Artemision in Arcadia. He captured it by shooting the hind on the leg with an arrow poisoned with the blood of the Hydra, which immobilized the creature.
Eurystheus(king) had given this task to Hercules hoping that it will make Artemis angry. As he was returning with the hind, Hercules met Artemis and her twin Apollo. He begged the goddess for forgiveness, explaining that he had to catch it as part of his labors and he promised to return it. Artemis forgave him and that foiled Eurystheus’s plan.
When Hercules arrived with the Hind, he got to know that it was going to be a part of the Kings menagerie. Hercules knew that he had to return the hind as he promised, so he agreed on giving it, if the King himself came out and took it. The King came out, but the moment Hercules let the hind go, it sprinted back to its mistress, and Hercules left saying that Eurystheus had not been quick enough.