The 10th labor - Herding the Cattle of Geryon

Hercules’ tenth Labor, was nothing like the first nine. It was harder, and much more demanding...

The path to Erythia

Hercules killing Gerion king of Erythia

In this heroic 10th labor, not only should Hercules bring the Cattle of Geryon to Eurystheus, he also had to cross the seas, to the end of the world, to get there.
He was heading for the red land, Erythia. The name of this land came from the setting suns beams of light, and as the land was red, so was the cattle Hercules was to take. The sail trip over there was a dangerous route, and Hercules borrowed the sun god Helios ’ wagon, to cross the burning sea. Sailing to Erythia was a great trip full of many stories, but we do not have the time to tell them now.
As Hercules was getting nearer, he suddenly saw two gigantic mountains rise in front of him. To get through, he separated these to massive rocks, and this is what we now know as the passage at Gibraltar. After this, he traveled across Spain, and finally, after days of travel, reached his final goal, Erythia.

Herding the cattle

Here, he saw the cattle grassing, and started moving closer. It did not take Hercules long time to kill the Shepherd and his two-headed dog, the ones guarding the cattle. And when the king of Erythia, king Geryon came running up to kill Hercules, he hid behind a rock, and firmly placed an arrow through all of the kings three heads. Hercules then took the cattle, and headed back to Eurystheus with it. It was a hard journey back, with many difficulties on the way. But at last, Hercules made it back. And after this heroic Labor, he merely told Eurystheus that he should sacrifice the cattle to Hera, so he could keep good friends with her. And now, only two Labors were left. But they would turn out to be the hardest of them all…